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Corporate culture
In the new century, Dekker is in a great economic transformation, which is to allow us to integrate into the world economy with unprecedented speed.
In the face of this new competition situation, complaining, panic, fantasy are useless, we must face up to reality, through continuous innovation, adjust themselves, to seek cooperation, adapt to changes in the century, to meet the challenges of the 21st century, the strategic objectives of the new century.

Innovation for us means that we must have the courage to break through, we must continue to carry out the concept of innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, and to achieve the most critical is - people.

To recruit outstanding talents, pay attention to training and motivation, is our important means to attract talent and retain talent.
We want to attract people with wonderful career,
Keep people with sincerity,
Exercise people with hard work,
With effective learning culture,
To make it the biggest strength of the company's growth and development.

Enterprise vision
To provide a higher consumer value than competitors, to become the first choice in the minds of customers.

Enterprise mission
To provide customers with reasonable prices of goods.
To provide good job opportunities for employees. To create benefits for the society.

Enterprise values
Whether individuals or companies are required to take the highest ethical standards
Both companies and employees should be honest, fair and fair.
Treat customers, businesses, suppliers and the community to be fair and reasonable.
Whether individuals or companies in the financial management should pursue a prudent style.

Enterprise target
To win-win for the purpose, sincere cooperation and common development

Enterprise belief
Customer satisfaction is the measure of our results.

Enterprise work idea
Nothing is impossible, everything will be there.
The problem is that the method is wrong, there is difficulty is the ability to

Enterprise competition concept
Little success by friends, big success by opponents

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